Photo of Desmond DinanDesmond Dinan holds an Ad personam Jean Monnet Chair in the School of Public Policy, George Mason University, Virginia, USA.

As an Ad personam Jean Monnet Chair holder, Professor Dinan publishes, teaches, participates in conference and workshops, and engages in outreach activities on a range of EU-related issues.

His publications include Europe Recast: A History of European Union (2004), Origins and Evolution of the European Union (edited, 2006), and Ever Closer Union: An Introduction to European Integration, 4th edition (2010). Since 1999, he has written the article on Institutions and Governance for the Annual Review of the Journal of Common Market Studies.

He recently participated in a Multilateral Research Group, funded by the Jean Monnet Program, on Decision-Making in the European Union Before and After Lisbon (DEUBAL), resulting in a policy brief on the post-Lisbon European Council presidency.

His courses in the School of Public Policy, George Mason University, deal with EU history, institutions, and governance; key EU policy fields; and the EU in the global political economy. Professor Dinan frequently lectures on the EU in colleagues’ courses at George Mason University and elsewhere. In summer 2012, he taught a module called “Overview and Development of European Integration,” at the European Integration Summer School, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway.

Professor Dinan has been a Visiting Professor at the Bruges (Belgium) and Natolin (Poland) campuses of the College of Europe. In 2011, he was a Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow in the Department of History and Civilization, European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

Professor Dinan’s outreach activities include efforts to promote knowledge and awareness of the EU among teachers and students at the High School level, especially in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The European Commission has featured Professor Dinan in its publication Jean Monnet Success Stories.